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3G Cardio Videography

Having honed my skills over two decades, I’ve specialized in crafting captivating visuals that drive product sales. As the Creative Director at, I’ve orchestrated numerous photo shoots featuring fitness equipment sold nationwide. My primary goal has always been to showcase how our machines can benefit customers. Guiding the team behind the camera, I find immense satisfaction in achieving that perfect shot or video that tells our product’s story effectively.

3G Cardio Photo Shoot with new products

Elite Runner X Treadmill

Using some of my favorite tools including Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier and After Effects, I’ve produced the latest video of 3G Cardio’s best seller. Our new Elite Runner X Treadmill promo video captures the features and benefits that provide all the selling power 3G Cardio needs for their flagship product.

For a brand like, a website becomes almost a living thing. I’d compare it to the human body: it has a brain, skeletal structure, organs, skin and even sometimes a little lipstick. There’s so much that goes into an online brand presence beyond a few informational pages. Design, development, hosting, security, software, backups and so much more. My decades of experience has allowed me to master all website aspects, especially great design, to create an online identity that helps customers know our story and trust our products and services. Product Detail Page about

Brand Identities

A logo or symbol can convey so much in such a small space for a brand. Finding the essence of a company’s message in such a condensed work of art is always challenging and rewarding. Here’s a few marks I’ve had the pleasure of designing. Logo

An abstract take on my initials, with a rakish tilt. A darker, more saturated cavalry blue is my color of choice.

Classy Cuisine Logo

How do you make a fork classy? Dress it with a bowtie! (It refused to wear the pants.) This logo is complemented in the business card design by the hidden in plain sight plate the logo is resting on. Logo

Using a condensed font to emphasize a healthy, exercised body for wellness and a strong, metallic icon representing product quality and strength, the logo exudes high caliber home fitness.

Growth Masters Logo Design

A secondary logo that is a modification of the original and a subset of their products.

YubiLoop Logo

Bright, fun and functional, the Yubi Loop logo and icon is a representation of the product itself.

Farm Beach Puppies Logo

For this mark the goal was capturing the sunsets that made this brand popular and the farm country that it belongs to.


Big Mike Sullivan provides great reviews of treadmills and bikes! These photo shoots have been fun to produce.

The intros soon became my favorite part of the Big Guy Treadmill Reviews. When Big Mike improvises the “Yeah!” after the shag carpet joke, I literally had milk coming out of my nose! Why was I drinking milk behind the camera? We’ll never know.

Another 3G Cardio heavy hitter, the Elite RB Recumbent Bike video showcases all the features and benefits of this ultra comfy bike in a very small footprint.

Here’s the previous 3G Cardio Elite Runner Treadmill video that started it all. This video showcased the former model’s silver and black design.

This is a women’s exercise video I produced for a health channel on YouTube.

Conveying a message or story through humor is the bedrock of my soul. I love to laugh! This quick video was shot with my daughter about a simple science project, gone horribly wrong, and hilariously concluded.

Your Zeal Drives Creative Purpose.

Since 2000, I have learned to see through business owners eyes and what drives them forward. Using my client’s vision and intelligent design to achieve their goals, I have had the satisfaction of helping dozens of ventures bring their messages online and in print.

From fitness experts, to medical professionals, to animal lovers and every small business owner in between, I’ve worked with amazing, passionate people for over two decades¬†that strive to bring a satisfying user experience to their customers. Using design, development, advertising and more, I’ve learned to switch hats almost every day to provide all the necessities a small business needs to keep it successful online.

Whether you are in product sales, services or just a business owner looking for a creative wingman, I can help bring your ideas to light. I offer web services including site design, lead generation, business development via social media, as well as print pieces to get your team started.

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